Sensitisation Program by National Computer Board on the use of internet

On Sunday 21st May 2017, the Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation had organized a talk for its Sunday Care children on the positive and negative effects of internet in the life of youngsters. Nowadays youngsters are becoming increasingly addicted to the internet and this is causing them more harm than good. Our objective was to sensitise children on how misuse of internet can be harmful to their lives.
36 children participated in this session, together with 7 volunteers from Grand Bay and 2 from Abaim. Mr Manish Lobin, Information Security Consultant, from the CERT-MU of National Computer Board was here to explain in detail on:

•    How social media is causing harm to people, especially adolescents.
•    The age of a child who is allowed to have an account on facebook and what happens if a child is under the age limit and having a problem for example on facebook
•    The consequences when posting a photo without the consent of a person
•    The consequences of using fictitious names on social media.
•    The penalty behind every cyber crime
•    The risk when chatting with unknown people.

Everything was supported by a small video which made the talk more interesting for both children and adult present on that day. Children showed interest specially when talking about posting photos and using fictitious names.

photo  lartik ncb