Support to Preschool Children

Support to preschool children

Since 2014 the Antoine Tsia Lip ken Foundation has been supporting children who leave the nursery at the age of 3 years old to go to join preschool. In this context, the Foundation is currently sponsoring 2 children who are attending a private preschool in Grand Bay through paying their school fees and other expenses such as school materials. The same thing is also being done for 2 children leaving the nursery Les Mirabelles Flacq for a private preschool in Flacq region. This support is provided with the necessary accompanying follow-up measures at both the level of the preschool and the family. Moreover, the Foundation also does follow up with children who leave the nursery for government preschool. Presently, we have 13 children from Les Mirabelles Grand Bay and 4 children from Les Mirabelles Flacq with whom we are ensuring a close follow up. This shows once more the commitment of the Foundation to address the issue of early childhood in a consistent way.