Early Childhood Centre Les Mirabelles Grand Bay

Since April 2013, the Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation in collaboration with Fondation Pour L’enfance Terre de Paix has set up a nursery in Grand Bay. The nursery caters for 33 children coming from deprived zones of Grand Bay and Pointe aux Canoniers. There are 6 qualified caregivers who are in the nursery on a daily basis to address the needs of the children. Children are provided with breakfast, lunch and goûté. Great emphasis is put on a balanced diet meal. The opening and closing hours of the nursery are as follows:

07hr30-17hr00 during weekdays

07hr30-12hr00 on Saturdays

On Sundays and public holiday the nursery is normally closed.

Through the services provided in the nursery we aim at empowering parents by involving them in micro projects like kitchen gardening, mushrooms cultivation etc.