Sensitisation Program by ‘Brigade des Mineurs’

On 21st May 2017, the Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation had organized a sensitization program by Brigade des Mineurs for the children of Street Football Activity. Out of 54 children enrolled in our activity 26 children were present together with 3 resource persons from Grand Bay Angel.
The talk was held in Les Mirabelles building from 09hr30 to 10hr30. Mr Ramloll, an officer from Brigade des Mineurs made a very interesting intervention, whereby children got an opportunity to know about different social evils in the society.
Children showed great interest when talking about:
•    Synthetic drugs (types and their names)
•    Cigarette smoking
•    Consumption of alcohol
•    Prostitution
At the end of the program children had many questions regarding the issues discussed above which really shows their interest in the activity.

phot 6